Bacterial Water Quality in Canada

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    A report from 2013 summarizing the state of private drinking water sources in Canada declared total coliforms and E. coli the highest priority contaminants in ALL jurisdictions. 

    "These contaminants frequently exceed MACs* and pose or indicate an acute risk to human health."

    • 10-11% of Canadian households use private wells for a water supply.
      • Including up to 1/3 of all rural Canadian households
    • If the well is unsafe, it is most likely to be due to bacterial contamination.
    • Coliforms are found in up to 40% of wells tested and indicate that there is a way for pathogens to get into the water.
    • A bacterial water test is only a snap shot of water quality.


    Failed bacterial water tests are an immediate opportunity for UV sales! Check out your province's results in the table below.

     Complete Table Customer


    *MACs=Maximum Acceptable Concentration


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