UV Doesn't Have to be Hard

UV should be as simple as 1, 2, 3

The top 3 concerns homeowners had before buying a UV system were safety, reliability, and effectiveness.

  1. UV is recognized by health authorities like the USEPA and Health Canada as a safe and effective means of disinfection.
  2. UV is trusted by cities like New York to treat water delivered to millions of homes. Other major cities using UV include Rotterdam, Paris, and Vancouver.
  3. UV addresses more potential pathogens than chlorine.

Disinfection should be considered a necessity for drinking water, not a luxury. Private wells should have the same quality of treatment as municipal water.



When recommending a UV system to a customer, the important things to remember are:

  1. You can’t over-size a UV system. Always select the system based on the highest possible flow rate of the application.
  2. Water quality affects disinfection ability, so pre-treatment is essential.
  3. UV is always last in the treatment train, but easy to incorporate thanks to its small footprint.

Would you like a handy UV Sizing Guide, featuring systems with and without integrated pre-treatment, at five different flow rates? How about a UV Installation Checklist?Download the PDF now!

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