An Alternative to Bottled Water

If you own a waterfront property that's not on a municipal water source, you’re probably relying on bottled water for cooking and drinking. Did you know there's another option

The environmental impact of bottled water is real.

In Ontario, approximately one billion bottles end up in landfills or littering the environment. And the global environmental impact of bottled water is enormous. Besides the actual bottles, tremendous amounts of energy and oil are required to process the water, produce the bottles, in addition to cleaning, filling, sealing, labelling, and transporting the finished product. The entire process produces tons of carbon dioxide that is then released into the atmosphere.


The alternative to bottled water is simple, effective, and environmentally-friendly.

You may not realize that, with the right water treatment system, you can use your private water source to provide drinking water for your cottage. In fact, with the right water treatment system, you can make almost any water supply taste like bottled water!

Consult a professional!

Before choosing a water treatment system, whether it's for your cottage or your home, it's important to talk to a water treatment professional. They'll know the important things you need to consider, including levels of turbidity (the water looks murky), tannins (the water looks discoloured and smells or tastes musty), and coliform count (bacteria that you can’t see, taste, or smell).

Total coliform count indicates potential microbial contamination in your water; in other words, your water could contain bacteria, which is why it’s important to properly disinfect your water.


UV disinfection

The best continuous disinfection solution is an ultraviolet (UV) system, which works by inactivating disease-causing microbes. Unlike chlorine, UV is extremely effective against both Giardia (which causes Beaver Fever) and Cryptosporidium, and don't add chemicals to the water.

  • Effective against harmful bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts. [See important note below.]
  • Chemical-free! So no change to the taste or odour of your water.
  • Easy to maintain.

Buy VIQUA UV, and get a free UV lamp!

We want you to join the thousands of Ontario cottagers who drink from their private water supply, secure in the knowledge that their water is disinfected by VIQUA UV. And we're sweetening the deal by offering FOCA members a FREE replacement lamp!

Here's how to claim your lamp:
  • Bookmark this page.
  • Buy a whole-home VIQUA UV system. Visit our Where to Buy page to find a dealer near you.
  • Come back to this page and complete the form to the right, including the model and serial number of your new UV system.
  • Attach a photo of your receipt as proof of purchase.
  • Hit SUBMIT, and you're done!

Your replacement lamp will be shipped to you within 3-4 weeks.

Questions?  Email us:

Offer available to residents of Canada and the US. Limit of 1 free lamp per household. Valid on purchases from February 27 to June 30, 2019. Forms must be submitted by July 15, 2019. All submissions subject to validation. 


*IMPORTANT NOTE: The breakdown of cyanobacteria can give rise to toxins. When cyanobacteria is present, such as during an algae bloom, water should not be consumed. Please follow local health authority guidelines.