Be Prepared

Water figures prominently in natural disasters, both as a cause and as an effect. Heavy rain, floods, hurricanes, and storm surges can damage infrastructure or overwhelm treatment facilities. If you are on a well, it can easily become flooded, introducing contaminated surface water or run-off. And when the surrounding soil is saturated and flooded, septic systems are susceptible to failing and can easily become another source of drinking water contamination.

You can't see, smell, or taste bacteria and viruses in water. If your water supply becomes contaminated, it may look no different than it did before. A whole-home water treatment system with UV disinfection can ensure you have a source of water that is free from pathogens. Then, you will be prepared should you need to store water for an emergency. Afterwards, as long as you didn't lose power, you can continue to drink your water.

Nobody wants to think it will happen to them, but with the effects of changing weather patterns, hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rains, and flooding, the odds of being impacted by a natural disaster are steadily rising.The time to plan is before you are personally impacted.