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Did you know?

A report from the USGS summarizing the quality of water from domestic wells found coliforms and E. coli in 34% and 8% of wells tested respectively. 
  • Fecal indicator bacteria were among the contaminants found most frequently at levels that pose potential concern for human health.
  • Coliforms were detected in wells from ALL principal aquifers within the US.
  • Wells with coliform detections tended to be older and had higher percentages of agricultural land in the surrounding area.


Failed bacterial water tests are an immediate opportunity for UV sales! 

Coliforms indicate that a pathway exists for surface water, which can carry pathogens, to infiltrate the water. To find the rate of contamination in your area, choose the color of the principal aquifer on the image below that best maps to your location.

Aquifer US Coliforms



Testing well water regularly is a great way to know what's in it. More frequent water testing will allow your customers to monitor the risk of pathogens being present. And continuous disinfection with an ultraviolet (UV) system provides your customers with more peace of mind, knowing that their water is treated with a proven disinfection technology.


Source: USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2008-5227: Quality of Water from Domestic Wells in Principal Aquifers of the United States, 1991-2004