Why EVERYONE should have UV disinfection

    The truth is, regardless of water source or application, everyone can benefit from UV disinfection.

    Why? Because any water source can become contaminated with microbes. And it always seems to comes down to poop. Nobody – NOBODY – wants to drink water that might have poop in it.

    Common contamination sources include:

    • Human: water sewage treatment plants, combined sewage overflow (CSO), poorly sited/functioning septic systems;
    • Domestic Animals: manure spreading, pit stock overflow; or
    • Wildlife.


    Why UV DisinfectionVIQUA-POE-IHS-schematic-HomePlus

    UV disinfection is an easy, chemical-free way to add continuous disinfection to every water treatment system.  Continuous disinfection is part of the water treatment strategy for municipalities because it protects public health. Doesn't everyone deserve that same level of protection? And VIQUA UV makes it easy. 

    Whether your customer is on city water or a private well, is looking to treat a home or small business, everyone can benefit from UV disinfection. But they can't ask for something they don't know they need. Include UV disinfection with every water treatment system quote and see what happens!



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