5 Reasons EVERY Well Should Have UV Disinfection

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    UV disinfection is an easy, chemical-free way to add continuous disinfection to every water treatment system. We know that any water source, including groundwater, can become contaminated with disease-causing organisms. Continuous disinfection is part of the water treatment strategy for municipalities because it protects public health. Doesn't everyone deserve that same level of protection?


    5 Reasons Every Well Should Have Disinfection

    1. Any water source can become contaminated
    But unlike folks on municipal water, where the water is treated and tested sometimes multiple times a day, the water from private wells isn't monitored or tested by anyone but the homeowner. There are many ways wells can become contaminated with microbes like E. coli that have absolutely nothing to do with how a well was drilled.

    2. Homeowners don’t test regularly.
    If they're not testing their water regularly – and we know most well owners don’t even test their water once a year - they won't know if their well water is contaminated unless people are getting sick. Drinking contaminated groundwater causes an estimated 6.5 million illnesses every year in the US. 

    3. Heavy rains and seasonal flooding introduce pathogens to water.
    Contamination of groundwater can occur when heavy rainfall, spring runoff, or flooding events overwhelm even well-constructed, newer wells, and introduce agricultural runoff into the aquifer below. Common contamination sources include manure spreading, wildlife, storm sewage overflow, and leaking septic systems.

    4. Shock chlorination isn’t a long-term solution.
    Shock chlorination is effective to address a failed water test, but it’s not a permanent solution. And some microbes, like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, are chlorine-resistant. A safe water test today doesn't guarantee a safe test tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

    5. You can’t see, taste, or smell microbes in water.
    You can't see, taste, or smell microbial contaminants, so homeowners won't even realize their water is contaminated until someone gets sick or they test their water.







    How you can help

    Continuous disinfection with a VIQUA UV system provides your customers with peace of mind, knowing that their water is treated with a proven, reliable disinfection technology. Whether your customer is looking to treat a home or small business, every well can benefit from UV disinfection.

    UV disinfection is:
    • Chemical-free.
    • Recognized by health authorities, like US EPA and Health Canada.
    • Trusted to treat water in cities like New York, Paris, and Vancouver.
    • A great source of revenue through sales and service.


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